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Dr. Naseem Mariam Holistic Health Coach
Dr. Naseem Mariam Holistic Health Coach

Serene Wellness Academy Director Dr. Naseem Mariam Welcomes You,

Hi there! 4 Careers in 60 years and still growing strong! Serene Wellness Academy denotes Abundance of Wellness and prevalence of Holistic Health in all Areas of Life leading to Inspiring Influence and Serenity.

The Serene Wellness Academy Group SWAG Mission: Empower 10,000 Ladies to become Health-Beauty Consultants, who Inspire People with Acupuncture, Alternative therapies & Healing Words to Enjoy Holistic, Disease-free, Drugless Lives of Abundance and Serene Wellness.

ENGINEER, MUM, MANAGER: My journey starts as a Systems Integration Tester; then a working Mum and Senior Communications Software Manager lasting 24 years. Interspersed by 3 years of Mumpreneurship as Blogger with email Newsletter “Management that Soars” and eBook “Project Serenity–How to gain happiness and peace”. My company was Project Dioxide Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Some thoughts on the Management of 4 Areas: Self, Project, Team, and Customer are available in the Serene Wellness Blog.

DIRECTOR, HEALER, TRAINER: Then Founder, Director, Healer of Serene Wellness ATAMA Academy as Doctor of Acupuncture healing patients and training students in Acupuncture, Cupping, Reflexology, and SuJok for past 10 years since 2010. Also, Master Practitioner in NLP and Certified to conduct Experimental Games to enhance Behavior Change. Dr. J Jayalakshmi MD, Ph.D. (Acu) inaugurated my first Acupuncture Treatment & Training Center. Pictures here. My other teachers and Mentors are Dr. Sankar T.S.R Mohanselvan, Dr. A. Vivekanandan, and Dr. Sabir Abdulla.

BLOGGER, AUTHOR: My First Lifestyle & Wellness book: “Serene Wellness: Daily Practise in 7 Areas”, published in August 2018, is available online.
In the pipeline are 2 more Lifestyle & Wellness books: “Belly Loss Blueprint: The Ancient Holistic Formula to Reduce Belly Fat, Enhance Immunity and Discover Serenity”, with its companion “Belly Loss Workbook: Holistic Practises to Reduce Belly Fat, Enhance Immunity and Discover Serenity”. Visit Serene Wellness Blog.

DM FREELANCER: During the lockdown, I restarted my online Digital Marketing journey. My company is Serene Wellness Academy Group (SWAG). We mentor Ladies to SWAG lives as Health Beauty Consultants using Digital Marketing Avenues to grow as SWAG Mumpreneurs and earn extra income as freelance Professionals.


1. Acupuncture All Tamil Nadu Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine Association ATAMA

Acupuncture is a medical protocol for correcting imbalances of energy in the body. There is a growing demand in the medical field for acupuncture as people are displeased with taking several medicines for various diseases. The primary aim is to provide a drugless society. If you want to pursue a brand new career, then a degree in Acupuncture will be the right choice. Because of the growing demand for holistic health care, it is good to be an acupuncturist. The All Tamilnadu Acupuncture and Alternative Medical Association (ATAMA) offers Diploma courses at various study centers in Tamilnadu.

The study of Acupuncture provides a flexible job opportunity and an accessible career path. With the entrepreneurial spirit and the tendency to help people to lead a drugless and disease-free healthy life, then start your career at our doorstep without hesitation. We conduct programs at all centers. Let’s start a career that saves lives and creates a disease-free society in the coming years.

Serene Wellness Academy Group (SWAG) is a Centre for the study, practice, and propagation of Acupuncture and Alternative Therapies like SuJok and Hijama/Cupping, Essential Oils, and Home Remedies.

Location: Alandur, Chennai, INDIA

About Prof. Dr. Sir P. B. Lohiya, Founder Chairman of IAAS: • Chairman, Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science. • Vice-chairman, World Association of Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China. • Visiting Professor, Beijing Meridian Research center, Beijing, China • Professor Emeritus, The Open International University for complementary medicines (Medicina Alternativa International), Srilanka. • President, Indian Institute of Holistic Medicine • Dean, Huang Di Neijing Acupuncture Research Center • Visiting Professor International Institute Integrated Medical Sciences. • Founder member of commonwealth Institute of Acupuncture and Natural Medicines • Fellow of Medicina Alternativa International Srilanka.

International SuJok Association, INDIA

2. Cupping / Hijama International Cupping Association


  1. Membership with Gaurav Gurbaxani‘s

  2. International Certification with Ryan Deiss’

  3. Digital Deepak Internship Program [DDIP]

  4. Linked In Certifications

Mentor Mumpreneurs & Freelance Writers to Wealth Success SWAG Lives and

Dr. Naseem Mariam Ph.D. (Acu),
Holistic Health & Serene Wealth Coach, Director & Founder,
Serene Wellness Academy Group (SWAG)

No. 15, A4 Regencys Ashiana, Asarkhana Street,
Alandur, near Monfort Hr Sec School, Alandur, Chennai 600016

Cell: +91 9840323906, +91 7358341024 (WhatsApp only)

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