How Freelancer Portfolio Paves the Way to Wealth Success Freedom

How Freelancer Portfolio Paves the Way to Wealth Success Freedom

Freelancer Portfolio creation differentiates the also-rans from the six-figure Achievers. Digital Marketing and a Freelancer Portfolio have paved the way to Abundance of Income, Scheduled Free Time and Independence from Location. A Freelancer with a good strong portfolio can negotiate his Gigs into project-based deliverables. This article defines the Success Path.

What is a Freelancer Portfolio?

Definition of a Freelancer Portfolio

A Freelancer Portfolio comprises International Certifications, Samples of Work categorized according to Niche. As a Freelancer Writer, you must arrange and present your work samples in line with the 3 Stages of the Customer Value Journey: Highlight your work as belonging to Top of Funnel (ToFu), Middle of Funnel (MoFu), and Bottom of Funnel (BoFu) of the Flywheel Funnel.


Courtesy: Ryan Deiss: Customer Value Journey

Environment of the Freelancer

There are 3 articles that describe vividly the Environment a Freelancer works in: Niche, Customer Avatar, Digital Marketing Skills, Arenas to display your Freelance Writing Skills in and a Steady, Fast way to become a Smart Prosperous Expert. All along the way, you will enhance your Freelancer Portfolio.

Read the article “Extra Income as Health and Beauty Icons” to select the Niche you will love to work in. Then you can choose and pitch your one-minute introductory video to the clients who are the right fit for you. First, start with free Gigs and collect a few testimonials. Keep your Freelancer Portfolio sorted according to various Niches. The next article “Increase Your Profits and Time Freedom with Outsourcing” lists the Skills, Arenas of work, and the 3 Types of Clients who will be interested in your Freelancer Portfolio. The article “4 Steps To Become A Smart Prosperous Expert” shows you how to complete your Freelancer Portfolio Gigs quickly, with ease and joy–like enjoying an evening walk. Yet the deliverable or outcome amazes the client and your team. 

Components of a Freelancer Portfolio

International Certifications with month/year, visuals of badges, certificates received. Describe in brief what the course consisted of: online videos, offline lectures, assignments done and lessons earned, skills gained, experience accumulated, confidence gained.

Niches of Writing Expertise Health, Wealth, Relationships, Hobbies / Arts / Crafts and Entertainment

Client Profiles Professionals like Nurses, Doctors, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants; Small Business Owners; Mom and Pop Stores, Large well-established companies, Collaborated with the Clients i.e. worked alongside the clients’ own in-house team,

Writing Samples with Testimonials and Metrics

       I. Sample of articles: new, edited, enhanced existing; web pages (screenshots before & after),
       ii. Testimonials from satisfied and delighted clients: exact words, WhatsApp screenshots, audio or video of the client actually complimenting your work.
      iii. Metrics in Freelancer Portfolio: Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating. Before and After Screenshots showing clear Return of Investment to the Client.

Guest Blog Articles Hosted on other Influencers websites

Testimonials of Authority Online Google My Business reviews, Amazon reviews, Blog post comments, Social Media comments, Trust Pilot reviews

Benefits of a Freelancer Portfolio

Start with your WHY, Walk Your Why. A Freelancer Portfolio will clarify your ‘Why’ to yourself and your clients.



Read the article “7 Ways to Master Success with the Freelancer Mindset” to learn about the support system and mindset practice for sustained success and to progress from novice to expert freelancer.

Who needs a Freelance Portfolio? Wealth with Cash Flow Quadrant

Anyone who wishes to take up Freelancing as a Career part-time or full-time needs a Freelancer Portfolio.

a. A Student can start freelancing as part time as he is doing his course work

b. Job-Goers: Have you ever been in a situation when there were more days to the month than money? By the 20th of the month, you needed some extra income to carry you through till your next salary on the first or 7th day of the next month? When the employer paid regularly on the last day of the month, life was really much less stressful. If you had seen any family go through the above situation, did you not make a promise to yourself that you will earn extra…?? Congratulations. Today, with Freelancing part-time or full-time as an entrepreneur, you are on the right path. This gives you Income freedom.

c. Small Business Owners & Professionals: Are you an independent small business owner or Professional Consultant whose shop opens when you are available and has to close when you are not around? You have a few people work for you, but all major decisions wait for your arrival. Taking a day off means a loss of income. You have always wished you could take your office on tour with you…?? Congratulations. Today, with your cell phones, all you need is internet connectivity and tools like Zoom and Calendly as your online consultation portal. This is time and location freedom in its truest form.


Be creative and use your imagination to create your first version of Freelance Portfolio. Go through all your projects, school/college assignments, and all the creative work you did just for the fun of it. Can that showcase your Skill or Expertise in any way? Read on for few simple ideas, for a Freelance Writer.

The aim of every Freelance Professional should be to follow the red arrows in the above diagram.

1. Stage 1: Success Cycle: Learn-Do-Teach: For 6 months to a max of one year, you will be in the experimentation and learning phase: not yet skilled to demand your fees. You can compress this timeline by (a) getting a mentor (b) apprentice with an expert (c) fail forward fast: do so many Gigs and learn from your mistakes. Here my recommendation is that you work a-T curve: the broad idea of all areas and depth in one area. Refer to “Increase Your Profits and Time Freedom with Outsourcing” for 10 Skills, 10 Arenas of Digital Marketing, and 3 Type of Clients.


2. Stage 2: Freelancer Portfolio Strategy: Now you must develop a strategy, mission and vision. Operate all your Gigs as a business with company name, profit-loss statements, all legal formalities in place, financial audits, taxes paid. Know your numbers. Ensure you charge to make a good profit. Periodically, on a monthly basis, apportion the profits earned into following accounts: Running capital for the business, Taxes, Self-Improvement Fund, Investment Fund, Emergency Fund (unforeseen events), Contingency Funds (known expenses like celebrations and festivals), Charity, and Family Expenses.


A Mind for Sales and Entrepreneurship is Crucial to Success with your Freelancer Portfolio.


3. Stage 3 & 4: Mentor Mastermind: Only when you apportion your profits into these 8 compartments diligently will you ever be able to move forward towards a Business Owner status. After 5 or 10 years, you will have a sufficient amount in your Investment Fund to be an Investor. From day one, decide to reduce your Family expenses as much as possible and be generous and judicious on spending on Tools, Self-Improvement. I recommend you search for someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve, whose values and ethics resonate with what you believe in and request him to accept you as his Mentee. Be in his Mastermind circle and experiment fearlessly and abundantly. Your Mentor has already walked the route and can see where you are on your journey and what insights you need to realize when. Under his guidance, you will grow faster with fewer expenses and less wastage of time, money and effort. Refer “Mentors: Why You Need One”


Courtesy: Longtime six-figure freelance writer and Make a Living Writing blog founder Carol Tice from The Den

DIGITAL MARKETING and the Freelancer Portfolio


Courtesy: Join DDIP with

Freelance Content Writer

Web Pages:

Blog Posts:

SEO enabled organic traffic:

Refer to the article “How Smart Freelance Content Writer Earns More Power and Success” and learn how to convert ‘downtime’ to Power time by enhancing your own Portfolio, how to earn more by creating the right content at various stages of the Customer Value Journey.


Freelance Copywriter

Freelancer Portfolio of Paid Ads (Google Ads):

Freelancer Portfolio of Paid Ads (IG / FB):

Freelancer Portfolio of Paid Ads (LinkedIn, YouTube)

Freelancer Portfolio of Other Social Media:

Freelancer Portfolio of Offline (magazine and newspapers) Print Ads:

Refer the article “Freelance Copywriter Creates Lifetime Value in 5 Fundamental Ways” for more copywriting tips.

Freelance Content Creator

Words in Freelancer Portfolio

Visuals in Freelancer Portfolio

Audio in Freelancer Portfolio

Video in Freelancer Portfolio

Integration of multi-media into an Impressive Freelancer Portfolio

Refer the article “10 Delightful Reasons Freelance Content Creators Dazzle and Dance” to learn how we can benefit from this new market opportunity and encourage others too.



Dr. Naseem Mariam Ph.D. (Acu) loves to heal people using natural alternative therapies like Acupuncture, SuJok, Hijama & ancient healing secrets of India. As Founder, Director of Serene Wellness Academy Group (SWAG), her Mission is to Empower 10,000 Ladies to lead SWAG lives as Health Beauty Consultants and Design a Life of Healing, Abundances, and Serene Wellness for themselves and others. SWAG also Mentors Freelance Mumpreneurs, who Inspire and Create Abundance through Gigs. Main Gigs are Content creation, Content writing, and Copywriting, One-Page WordPress websites, Blog articles with on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and Optimized Google My Business.

Links to previously published articles or posts: 2021: (Freelancer and SEO)  2020:
2018: Book: “Serene Wellness: Daily Practise in 4 Areas” by Healer Naseem Mariam at NotionPress, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.2001 to 2004: 18 articles in Earlier Blogs:

In order to understand the Digital Marketing (DM) landscape, my journey started in Nov 2019 when I attended Digital Masters Camp #dmc and later in Feb 2020, then a 2-day DM Bootcamp #magicofdmb with the 9 DM Masters of India. I explored the courses they offered: Sidz freedom business model of becoming an online coach, Sorav Jain’s courses on Instagram Influencer, Gopal Krishnan’s 4 Hour FB Funnel and Binge Marketing, Avi Arya’s Micro Video Mastery, and Gaurav Gurbaxani’s Freelance market. Intending to do a time warp, I was studying the 9 Masters in parallel. Later I did Deepak’s DDIP Batch 4 as DD Champs. This increased my love for the tools, skill areas, and methods of making steady progress in the DM world. With DDIP, I gained the confidence and ability to open any YouTube video, follow the instructions, learn how to complete tasks, and teach others too. This width and breadth of exposure to all areas of DM stand me in good stead as I started specialization in Freelancing as a Writer.


L ro R: Sorav Jain, Gaurav Gurbaxani, Avi Arya, Siddharth Rajsekar, Kulwant Nagi, Gopal Krishnan, Sanjay Shenoy, Faheem Ahmed, Digital Deepak

My Freelancing journey started in 2001-2004 when during the dot-com bust, with time on my hands… I started blogging on 4 areas to be managed for a great successful career. and were my websites; was my email autoresponder. I had 4 free email courses created in each of the 4 areas to be managed. My email newsletter “Management that Soars” had one article on each of Self-management, Project Management, Team Management, and Customer Management. Few of the articles still exist on the websites I had submitted guest blogs to. Discipline. Focus. Dedication. While working full time on my IT job, I would write 4 articles every week, collect a few quotes related to the topics written and send the eNewsletter punctually every Thursday. I had a good number of subscribers and when I released my eBook “Project Serenity–How to gain happiness and peace “.

Loved creating PowerPoint presentation slides for my training sessions on Management, Soft Skills, lectures in schools and colleges in and around Chennai till 2010. From 2010 onwards, the focus was on Health & Wellness. Founded Serene Wellness company in late 2010 with the inauguration of my clinic. Conducted many training sessions, lectures, free camps on healing methods of CARE (i.e. Cupping, Acupuncture, Reflexology, and Essential Oils).

Aug 2018, Released my first book on “Serene Wellness: Daily Practise in 7 Areas” by Healer Naseem Mariam and made available on many sites.



Editing and review ongoing for 2 more books due for release by Aug 2021

Belly Loss Blueprint: The Ancient Holistic Formula to Reduce Belly Fat, Enhance Immunity and Discover Serenity



and its companion workbook “Belly Loss Workbook: Holistic Practises to Reduce Belly Fat, Enhance Immunity and Discover Serenity



How A Future Mission Got Priority in My Freelancer Portfolio

GOAL 1: Research, Practise, Document, Blog, Create Guest Posts, Products and Services in these Areas of expertise: Acupuncture Doctor, Freelancer, Authorpreneur, Content Writer, Optimized Google My Business & one-page WordPress Websites for Health & Fitness Professionals.

21 Feb 2021 brought a change in “my” approach to Freelance Writing Career: I posted an Ad on LinkedIn for a Freelance Writer, expecting 4 or 5 responses so I could select ONE or max of 2 people to help me edit and give finishing touches to my 2 Belly Loss and other Holistic Lifestyle books and blogs I plan for 2021 and beyond. This Ad on LinkedIn brought together so many like-minded, talented people I feel we much keep in touch with each other in a spirit of collaboration and co-operation as a tribe, a community of Freelancer Writers. This tribe is by INVITE ONLY and is for those willing to learn daily, act fast, share their wins and losses, teach others *LAST* to live with eagle-like focus and dove-like patience.


Here is the LinkedIn Ad: Freelance Writer for Serene Wellness Academy Group (SWAG), Chennai, India
About the Job: At Serene Wellness Academy Group, we Mentor Freelance Mumpreneurs, who Inspire and Create Abundance through Gigs. Main Gigs are Content creation, Content writing, and Copywriting, One-Page WordPress websites, Blog articles with on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and Optimized Google My Business. Employment Type: Contract.

Following is the data till 25th Feb: Profiles of those who replied: 141 applicants. Top skills required: Public Speaking, Leadership, Content Development, Blogging, Web Content Writing, Copy Editing, Proofreading, Teaching, Social Media, News Writing Seniority level: 49 Entry level applicants, 32 Senior level applicants, 7 Manager level applicants, 1 Director level applicant Education: 48% have a Bachelor’s Degree, 32% have a Master’s Degree, 15% have a Master of Business Administration, 5% have other degrees. This was without the free 3x results guaranteed by LinkedIn. Thank you, dear LinkedIn members, for the overwhelming response. I dedicate this Pillar Content blog to all 141 of you… and may it bring Wealth and Success to you all and others who are still hesitating to reply or who will reply in coming days.

This new GOAL 2 gets added to my Freelancer Portfolio and gains strength and resolve: Help Mumpreneurs Create Stimulating Freelancer Portfolios that Inspire and Create Abundance. Main Gigs are Content creation, Content writing, and Copywriting, One-Page WordPress websites, Blog articles with on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and Optimized Google My Business.

Not just be a Freelance Entrepreneur, but include Freelance Coaching too. Dr. Naseem Mariam today enhances her services from Holistic Health coach to Holistic Wealth and Health Coach. Thus, as fellow members, we resolve to walk together towards a Free, Serene Life of Healthy Wealthy Success, Spreading Excellence, Joy, Respect, and Positive Vibes wherever we go.

3 Ways to Enhance Your Freelancer Portfolio Systematically

In business and in life, there is always a trade-off between time and money. By taking many courses and learning the Basic Foundation from 9 Masters, I am truly blessed. This was an investment of money and effort from my side so that I could fast-track my way through the pathways of Digital Marketing. Many viewpoints of these 9 Masters had a congruent heart and soul because these Masters belong to a Mastermind that meets weekly and shares tips and tricks with each other. They also plan new workshops for their tribes, often appear as guest lecturers to each other’s tribe.

The 3 ways to proceed along the path to Success as a Freelance DM Entrepreneur are: Free Track, Fast Track and Lifetime Track

Free Track

i. Read the blog articles at and Write review comments of max of 100 words for each article. Collect these Review snippets as part of your Freelancer Portfolio. Post them on your blog too. A review must have the following components:


Courtesy: Sanjay Shenoy

ii. Join the WhatsApp group HeartFlow for Writers of founded by my daughter Ms. Aasiya Maryam. is a place dedicated to writers, for writers. As members of HeartFlow, they will give you prompts to write on; short stories to read. Aasiya Maryam is an author of 2 published works, and associating with her community will improve your reading and writing skills. You are welcome to submit your writings in English. If you wish to write in any other language, you are welcome to do so. When you include your writing snippets in your Freelancer Portfolio, we advise you to mention “Courtesy: Ms. Aasiya Maryam of HeartFlow,” beneath the prompt that you have used.

Check out the following links to get a better understanding of what Writers do at HeartFlow by

 1. Writing Prompts: HeartFlow is an initiative started by Writerspuram to hone the skills of aspiring and dedicated writers. It is a series of prompts that channel the flow of creativity and thought. Since practice makes perfect, every writer needs practice. HeartFlow provides prompts that focus on developing the writing skills of interested writers through practice.

2. Visual Prompts: Visual prompts are a series of image/picture prompts, given to our writers to spark their imagination and creativity.

3. Notes on Emotions–Writerspuram is a series that focuses on helping writers write through the emotions that they or their characters feel.

You can publish these writing snippets on Writing Streak online and include it as part of your Freelancer Portfolio.

iii. Watch 10 TEDx Talks for Freelancers

iv. Join Dr. Naseem Mariam’s eNewsletter “Freelance Writers for Life.” You will get an eBook “How to Write a 1000+ Words Article in 3 days: The Magic of 3 5 7”


v. Enroll in her FREE email course called Freelancer Portfolio for Freelance Writers (available from 15 Mar 2021)

vi. Audio soundtracks for Freelancer Mindset: Prayer, Affirmations, and Chakra and Energy-based Guided Meditation by Dr. Naseem Mariam. Listen to daily at least one in rotation.

vii. Evaluate your Personal Profile: Take the Questionnaire for MBTI, and Clifton’s Strength Finder

viii. Join the Freelancer Community founded by Gaurav Gurbaxani at (a “By Invitation Only” membership community for Freelancers). Watch Gaurav’s YouTube series on Freelancing Festival #ff2020

Fast Track

i. All work items of the Free Track, and then the following too.

ii. Differentiate yourself and your Freelancer Portfolio by completing International Certified Courses by Ryan Deiss’ As a Freelance Writer, you must complete courses at least 6 courses shown here. Visit the Online Business website for more information. Contact Gaurav Gurbaxani and his team, request access to International Certified online courses provided by OnlineBusiness.Org (who partner with Mention you have been referred by Dr. Naseem Mariam and cc me on your email. Fees: Rs. 7000/- per month only.

Freelancer-Portfolio-Fast-Track-Customer Journey Optimization – CVO
Freelancer-Portfolio-Fast-Track-02-Content Marketing-CMS
Freelancer-Portfolio-Fast-Track-03-D R CopyWriting – DRCS
Freelancer-Portfolio-Fast-Track-04-Email Marketing – EMS
Freelancer-Portfolio-Fast-Track-06-Customer Acquisition-Paid Ads-CAS
Freelancer-Portfolio-Fast-Track-05-Search Marketing- SMS


iii.  Attend a 5-day workshop for Freelance Writers based on 4 blog articles hosted on the Blog. Fees: Rs. 499/- only

     Syllabus: Freelancer Mindset for stages of the Customer Value Journey, Freelance Content Writer for ToFu, Freelance Copywriter for MoFu, Retargeting and the Freelance Writer, Why GMB belongs as part of your Freelancer Portfolio & Next Steps

iv. Join Community once again with an email to Gaurav Gurbaxani and his teamFees: Rs. 14,999/- per annum
     You get exclusive meeting invite to GGs training: Three days a week 7 to 8AMMon, Wed and Fridays.
You can send a single mail requesting for both the International courses and annual membership, request for the payment links and join in.

Lifetime Track

i. All work items of the Fast Track, and then the following too.

ii. As a DM Entrepreneur, there are many tools that you must have. Many of these tools come with a hefty monthly or annual fee. Would you like to reduce your business overheads by accepting an LTD lifetime Deal of the tools you need as an Entrepreneur Freelancer? You can use these tools for yourself and for your clients too. As these tools are in the Beta stage of being deployed, Gaurav Gurbaxani (GG) is looking for a few key Beta Testers. We get the LTD for Rs. 4,999/- for a limited time only. Only for special invitees recommended highly by existing community members like Dr. Naseem Mariam.

Once more, you need to contact Gaurav Gurbaxani and his team, request for LTD access and the payment link for GG’s LTD offer.


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