Freelance Copywriter Creates Lifetime Value in 5 Fundamental Ways

Freelance Copywriter Creates Lifetime Value in 5 Fundamental Ways

A Freelance Copywriter faces the challenge of competing with experts for each copywriting Gig. In order to get high-paying copywriting Gigs, Freelance Copywriters need a ready reckoner to help them swiftly cross the chasm between novice and expert. This article outlines 5 fundamental Ways to improve Skills and Expertise. Then elaborates on the 5th Area of Copywriting Tips for a Freelance Copywriter.

Table of Contents

1. WHO – The Background: Psychology, Values, Mindset of a Freelance Copywriter

    Who we are & What we stand for: Branding (Name, Byline, Logo, Mission, Vision, Influencer);
    Whom / Who we work for: Ideal Customer Avatars (pain points, dreams and desires, the Gap);
    What we offer: Products and Services, Consultations, Mastermind Meets     

2. WHY – The Context: Content and Copywriting Strategy of a freelance Copywriter

    Why is always more important that How: Customer Value Journey, Relationship Nurturing
    Which channels (Digital Marketing Arenas), What (multi-media), When (Plan, Calendar)
    Presence: Consistent, Focused, Clear, Concise, Trustworthy, Reliable, Coaching, Mentoring

3. HOW & WHERE – The Content: Nurturing Tactics and Platforms for a Freelance Copywriter

4. WHEN–Calendar and Tools of a Freelance Copywriter

5. WHAT – Copywriting Tips for a Freelance Copywriter

     5a. Squeeze page, landing page, Long form landing page, Pillar content
     5b. Paid Ads: Facebook Ads, FB Ads, IG Ads, Google Ads

6. Summary


Attract, Engage and then Convert. The customer does not want to think what to do … he wants to be told what to do. The Freelance Copywriter needs to polarize the customer to attract the right prospects and repel the wrong audience.

The Freelance copywriter has 2 levels of communications to handle:
i. the client for whom he is creating the marketing and sales copy

ii. The end customer of the client – the actual audience of the written copy.

This is where the Content Audit Template is helpful.


What the Freelance Copywriter must know About the client, their brand, their competitors and their customer: (“we” = client)
    Who we are & What we stand for: Branding (Name, Byline, Logo, Mission, Vision, Influencer);
    Whom / Who we work for: Ideal Customer Avatars (pain points, dreams and desires, the Gap);
    What we offer: Products and Services, Consultations, Mastermind Meets     

At different stages on the Customer Value Journey, the Freelance Content Creator, Freelance Content Writer and the Freelance Copywriter have to work together … to ensure Consistent, Focused, Clear, Concise, Trustworthy, Reliable, Coaching, Mentoring.


    Content writing and copywriting are two sides of the same coin. They complement each other and both are required to ensure that the customer has a smooth value journey along the Funnel from visitor to repeat customer. The Content Creator uses multi-media to create content and/or copywriting Gigs.

Freelance-Copywriter-customer-value-journey-roadmap-Ryan Deiss

Courtesy: Ryan Deiss’ Customer Value Journey

    b. The Story Triangle



a. Webinar


    b. Email List & Squeeze pages


Courtesy: Sanjay Shenoy    

c. Social Media: Instagram (IG), Facebook (FB), Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Podcast, etc.

Freelance-Copywriter-Platforms-FB-biz page-dos-and-donts

Freelance-Copywriter-Platforms-FB-vs- Google


Courtesy: CoSchedule

    d. Other ways to nurture: SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Bots, Membership Hubs, etc.
    e. Website ‘Info’ Pages: About us, Blog / Guest Posts, About the Author, Contact us, Privacy Policy
    f. Website ‘Sales’ Pages: Squeeze page, Landing page, Long form landing page


    g. Paid Ads: Facebook Ads, FB / IG Ads, Google Ads, Google My Business (GMB), LinkedIn Ads


Freelance-Copywriter-Google Ads-Quality-Score-Factors

   h. Communities: Quora, Journals, Newsletters, FB Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Authorpreneur
    i. Events: Online and Offline Seminars, Conferences, Mastermind Workshops


  1. Editing: Grammarly, Hemingway app.
  2. Understand your audience: Google Analytics (GA), FB Audience Manager, Twitter Audience Insights,
  3. Surveys: Survey Monkey to create any type of survey and Qualaroo for on-site surveys
  4. FB Library
  5. Google keyword planner,,,
  6. Video editing
  7. Picture galleries: free like pixabay, istockphoto, Unsplash, pexels,


5a. Landing Pages

L1. Squeeze Page

A simple landing page tailored to capture email opt-ins from potential subscribers. Squeeze pages should be concise & make the opt-in form the star of the show. Often all you need for an effective squeeze page is a good, interesting headline with the form underneath.

i. Understand who your target audience is

ii. Finding the right offer
Apply [Problem]? Get my [free item] and see [results]: “Need a routine that gives you motivation to work out every day? Get my 5 free days “Belly Loss Habits” course and see reduce weight, enhance immunity and discover serenity”. That will give them enough time to start a routine, and if they like it, then they’ll enroll in the paid version.

iii. When possible, always start your landing page with an image.
And if you’ve ever noticed, all major successful online companies always have a “face of the company”. people buy from people, not companies.

iv. Create a headline that talks to them right away: landing page copy is broken down into 2 parts: The headline (what catches their attention right away), and Specific benefits and features showing why your product (or service) is beneficial to the reader. Here are 3 ways to generate good headlines: Ask a question that relates directly to your product and make the reader answer it “What would you do if you earned $1,000 or more on the side using skills you already have?”2. Give the reader useful information “Free guide reveals the 7 mistakes that prevent people from finding their Dream Job” 3. When in doubt, use a “how” headline “How to win friends and influence people”. Here’s a pro-tip for you: Write down the main benefit of your freebie in 3 different variations, then reformat each of these variations as above. Include all 3 headings in your submission to the client. Allow the client to select the one he prefers. As an expert, the Freelance Copywriter can also use these headline variations in A/B test cycles and submit the 3 headlines with test results and his recommendations based on A/B test results.

v. The body of your landing page: use bullet points For a squeeze page, Unique Selling Proposition and 3 benefits in bullet points will suffice.


vi. Creating a killer call-to-action

Take special care to use the language of your reader. “Gimme” for millennials, choose the button color carefully to standout, highlight the mood and style of the reader and the values the client’s company stands for.


L2. Landing Page

Start with “face of the company”; No Navigation; Clear Headline and Sub-headings; break up large blocks of text; use bullet points; use relevant images; testimonials with face and quote; lead capture form; privacy policy “Your privacy is important to us. We will never share your information”.

Avoid negative words like “spam”.

Why should a Freelance Copywriter encourage his client to invest in landing pages?

i. Landing pages are an important tool to understand visitor’s behavior: Of course, all we need is an email id and optionally a name. On subsequent visits, we can add context-specific fields and get more information about the visitors. This is progressive profiling. With progressive profiling, every time a lead fills out a form, you are progressively collecting valuable extra information about them while keeping your forms short and easy to complete. This enables you to build up the amount of information, or intelligence, you collect about your individual leads without causing more friction in the conversion process.

ii. SEO boost to the client’s website: As the Freelance Copywriter creates a copy that has good on-page SEO, the client’s website gets a SEO boost for the keywords that the product or service renders.

iii. Maintain a consistent flow of leads: The Freelance Copywriter recommends to his client to create multiple landing pages for the same product: at least one landing page per unique customer avatar.

iv. Long tail lead benefits: The Freelance Copywriter encourages the client to allow creating evergreen content as part of the body of the landing pages. Testimonials give authority and credibility to the client and his brand.

v. Keeps the visitors, leads and prospects engaged: Gives a suitable destination for organic traffic and also from Paid Ads.

vi. Fuels content for Social Media Channels: Landing pages and blog posts can form the focus of attention and redirection of social media followers, FB group members, and LinkedIn contacts. These website pages and posts contribute to a holistic, richer experience for the customer.


Scope of Freelance Content Creator, Content Writer and Freelance Copywriter along the Customer Value Journey

At different stages of the Customer Value Journey (ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu), the customer has different behaviors, doubts, and emotions, and the Freelance Copywriter must address these by writing different content and copy.

L3. Long form Landing Page

Trust, Influence, and Authority take time, patience and continuous consistent efforts to be established. When your vibe has gathered your tribe around you, a squeeze page will suffice for existing products and services, and a new landing page for a new product or service results in conversions.

However, what can a new company do for the first 5 years as they establish themselves and create credibility? Here we need a technique called “Long-form Landing Page”. It gives the sections of a long-form landing page in the diagram below:


Courtesy: Sanjay Shenoy

In this long-form, as in any landing page, we find these sections: Headline, Subheadings, Call to Action (CTA): this early CTA is for advocates, referrals, and customers already nurtured through Social media, email newsletters, etc. Then we have social proof like testimonials with the face of the person, their quotes, snapshots from FB, WhatsApp, or Telegram.

The problem is highlighted, sometimes it could be an untold pain or a desire they are finding difficult to achieve by themselves or have failed many times. The jugular (main, key) objection should be addressed first. The Freelance Copywriter has to magnify the problem, bring out the seriousness and need for urgency in taking action. S-T-R-E-T-C-H is the keyword here. Highlight and magnify the ill effects of not solving the problem. Mention how much they are losing by not taking action NOW, how much they have already lost recently.

The solution (product, services, hand holding) is then listed out both as a benefit to the reader and which features of the product help to achieve the benefit. In squeeze pages, we should mention at least 3 such benefits. In a long-form landing page, we can elaborate on more benefits. The Freelance Copywriter can include FAQs to address possible objections. If possible, include a customer testimonial showing how someone faced that very doubt or situation and succeeded to enjoy the benefits they wanted.

A second call to action appears here. Ensure that all the CTA Buttons have the same color and strikingly stand out from the visuals, text, and rest of the multi-media on the page. Also remember there should not be any outgoing links, not even back to Home nor share with social media buttons.

The sole purpose of the landing page is to turn visitors into customers. As they move towards the exit, you can add a pop-up window to collect their name and email id. No header or any footer.

Who is this for? Who is this NOT for? Optional 100% guarantee. FAQs and/or customer testimonials that address possible objections. About the brand (details as outlined in Section 1 of this article) to establish Authority, Credibility, and Influence. End the long-form landing page with a Call to Action.

5b. Paid Ads

P1. FB Ads, Facebook Ads

1) Understand Your (Very Segmented) Audience

2) Focus on Pain Points & the Emotions They Cause


3) Write Mobile-Optimized Headlines: For headlines, if you’re feeling stuck, stick to a few simple formulas and adapt them as necessary.

  • Adjective. Adjective. Adjective. (Delicious. Decadent. Still healthy.)
  • Are you tired of/frustrated with [pain point]? (Tired of not sleeping well?)
  • General call out to customers. (You asked. We delivered.)
  • Specific feature statement. (Prevent package theft) ~ Source

4) Tell a Compelling Story
Stories are incredibly powerful. Stories are emotional, which already ties in well with the ad strategies discussed above, but they’re also memorable and specific and relatable. These are crucial pieces in the advertising puzzle that can set off buying triggers in customers during the research and consideration stages.


And with storytelling in Facebook Ads, you can stay simple, but the more specific you get, the better. Tell stories about individual customers, explaining how they’ve benefited from your product. Or share why your company’s founder started the brand.

5) Turn a Testimonial into Your Ad Copy


6) KISS: Keep It Skimmable, Stupid


7) Overcome Objections in Your Ad Copy


8) Test, Test and Test Some More

Freelance-Copywriter-CTA- AB-Test-Order-vs-Get

9) Call to Action Button: Be fresh, innovative



P2. Google Ads

From Google Ads Help, we get the following description and Tips:
Headline People are most likely to notice your headline text, so consider including words that people may have entered their Google search. Your text ad comprises three headlines where you can enter up to 30 characters each to promote your product or service. The headlines are separated by a vertical pipe (“|”) and may show differently based on the device someone is using when they view your ad.

Display URL the display URL, usually in green, shows your website address. This display URL is made up of the domain from your final URL and the text in the optional” Path” fields. These fields are designed to help people who see your ad get a better sense of where they’ll be taken when they click it. Your path text doesn’t have to match the exact language of your display URL. 

Description: Use the description fields to highlight details about your product or service. It’s a good idea to include a “call to action”—the action you want your customer to take. If you’re an online shoe store, your description might include “Shop now” or “Buy shoes now.” If you offer a service, add something like “Get an instant quote online” or “See pricing.”

Copywriting Tips for Freelance Copywriter to write Google Ads

Be Relevant. Personalized.

Reflect the Visitor’s Goal; Addressing Their Objections; Pre-qualify Clicks; Consider the Decision-Making Cycle; Be Humanistic and Use Personalized Copy; Mobile-Specific Groups and Campaigns; Ad Extensions enhance relevancy; Be Geographically Specific Here’s an ad from Papa John’s that addresses any health food or freshness issues right off the bat: and an Ad to Quit Smoking is personalized.



Include Exact Numbers; Prioritize the Headline (make every word count); Use the Search Term in the Headline; Guide with a Call-To-Action (CTA)

Here are some examples of CTAs where the ad copy is keyword-rich and provides value and a sense of urgency:


Combine CTAs with keywords, promotional offers and a sense of urgency–image source

Emotions Triggered

Appeal to FOMO; Inflate the User’s Ego; Keep Your Promises; Consider Perceived Value “Perceived value is a more abstract measurement that represents how much customers feel a product is worth.” ~ Small Business;

Trigger Pain or Fear: Establish Credibility: it’s your job to explain your benefits in a way that users understand how you can help them in their lives;

Focus on the Customer: Make everything in your ad copy about your visitor. You’ve heard this before. By being customer-focused in your ad copy, you can better convince your visitors to become customers. It’s all about solving their problems and make their lives easier and better. Explicitly tell them how your benefits will help them. Remove any copywriting that includes “we.” “‘We’ is a bad, bad word in copywriting. You should reword every line of copy you have that begins with ‘we’. ~ Copy Hackers’ Joanna Wiebe.

Use a Differentiator (your USP); Stand out from your competition and show off what makes your offer truly unique. Ask yourself: Why should your visitors opt into your offer over someone else’s? Is it your brand name? Is it your benefit? You can contrast this with that in your ad copy.

Avoid Choice Fatigue: “Offering too many choices can actually reduce sales; Forcing a consumer to make a series of decisions will tire them out.” ~ Neuromarketing’s Roger Dooley. Deciding should be easy.

Use RLSA: Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) give you the golden second chance of reaching visitors who have already been to your site.

Focus on the Benefits; Also explain how the Features make the Benefits possible; Repetition makes recall easier.

Grammar and Format Be Concise and Specific. Use Title Case and Proper Punctuation. Use Keyword-Rich Paths; Consider Memorable Phonetics: Using familiar call-outs, impactful verbs, and twists on cliches can help write PPC ad copy that’ll attract attention. Include Questions. Write clear and crisp: Here are 10 techniques for more precise writing by Daily Writing Tips’ Mark Nichols: “Use active voice: Remove copulative verbs like, be, is, or are; Avoid vague nouns: These clutter sentences; Use words, not definitions: Use a single word that explains the concept; Avoid noun strings: Get rid of a series of nouns used as adjectives; Convert nouns to verbs: Avoid nouns ending in –tion and swap them out with a verb; Reduce verb phrases to simple verbs: Don’t bury your verbs in phrases and remove the phrase; Replace complex with simple words: Choose simpler synonyms; Avoid expletives: Don’t start sentences with There is, There are, or It is; Eliminate prepositional phrases: Use noun 2’s possessive of noun 1 instead; Reduce wordy phrases to single words: Use simple conjunctions, verbs, or linking words.


This article gives the Freelance Copywriter tips on copywriting for both landing pages and Paid Ads. This is part of the Freelance Copywriter Guide to jump start his copywriting career as a freelancer. The path from novice to expert needs practise, swipe file collections, A/B testing, experimenting on various platforms, different media types. Variety is the spice and adds the tinge of challenge to the career of a Freelance Copywriter.

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