10 Delightful Reasons Freelance Content Creators Dazzle and Dance

Abstract: Freelance Content Creators: may their tribe increase! 2020 has intensified and accelerated all online activities and created a huge vacuum of good quality content. Come, let us learn how we can benefit from this new market opportunity and encourage others too.

Table of Contents

1. Who and what is a Freelance Content Creator? – Definition

2. What Skills should a Freelance Content Creator have

3. How to Start as a Freelance Content Creator – 3 simple steps to become a Millionaire Freelance Content Creator

4. Making a living as a Freelance Content Creator

5. 10 Delightful Reasons Freelance Content Creators Prosper

6. Summary

7, Additional Reading

Who and what is a Freelance Content Creator?

They are the need of the hour, anyone can start from anywhere, at any age, part-time or full-time, as a passion, as a hobby or as a career, as entrepreneur running an agency or team of content creators or independently. That’s the power of Digital Marketing and the Gig Economy.

THE NEED (WHY) To answer this, we must first look at the market need, the requirement and the reason why this profession emerged

Source: What Is A Content Creator? What Do They Do?

why Freelance Freelancers work with multiple clients while contractors generally work with one client at a time. They work from home or independently in their own office space. They work on a per job (called Gig) basis. They can join multiple communities like upwork, people per hour, fiverr, Gaurav Gurbaxani’s digitalmarket.com and others at the same time.

Let us compare different designations to understand what a freelancer is and what he is not.

Source:Freelancer, Contractor, SMB, Consultant – what’s the difference?

Content: No longer is information consumed only by words. The content writer of yester years must now start thinking in terms of multi-media content. In the written word itself we find “10 Must-Have Articles in a Content Creator’s Portfolio”. [3] Then there is podcast, video, visuals, streaming. Platforms are social media like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Spotify, Pinterest, Redditt, Workshops, webinars, seminars, offline, online and combination of these. Thus, going forward content creators will be more sought after than mere content writers.

Creator: Online Digital Marketing today is multi-media and multi-platform. Of course, writing does remain the key ingredient but the content writer of 2021 needs to have more artillery than just words.

DEFINITION A Content Creator is thus someone who is actively creating and publishing original content to an audience in one or more multi media platforms. A Freelance Content Creator works for himself, at his own time and pace as previously agreed with his many clients.

Look at each of the words and you get an idea of the discipline, commitment and creativity that a Content Creator will develop over time. So, we now look at the skills a Content Creator should have, how he can acquire these skills through learning, collaboration, creating workspaces for his own personal team of freelancers … and most importantly the discipline of daily practise.

What Skills should a Freelance Content Creator have

i) Good readers, constantly learning, experimenting

ii) Creators of swipe files: Organized

iii) Practise

iv) Usage of Tools: Grammarly, Hemmingway app, multi-media tools, publishing tools like restream.io

v) Soft skills: leadership, communication, discipline of daily creation, teamwork, create winning teams, sales, negotiations

How to Start as a Freelance Content Creator

Source: How to Become a Content Creator: Tips From an 85+ Person Agency

The 3 simple steps to become a Millionaire Freelance Content Creator are:

1. You start by taking the first step. Find a Mentor.
2. Join a community of Freelance Experts like Gaurav Gurbaxani’s digitalmarket.com.
3. Then you take the 4 steps to become a smart, Prosperous expert

The steps 2 and 3 above are interchangeable. However, it is more fun when you join a community and learn and grow together.

In the long run, when you belong to the same community, you can create your own agency-type working groups and request your friends to join you on various projects depending on the expertise you want for the Gig. This being the case, with this Mastermind type of approach, you will feel emboldened to accept larger turnkey projects. You will remain the face of your projects and the team members will treat assignments you delegate as professional Gigs (small tasks in which they are experts).

Making a living as a Freelance Content Creator

Neil Patel-Making-living-Freelance-Content-Creator
Neil Patel-Making-living-Freelance-Content-Creator
Source: How to Create Better Content for Your Customers

10 Delightful Reasons Freelance Content Creators Prosper

1. You are Free

As a freelancer, you negotiate the Gigs (the tasks) you will accept, the time you will take, the amount you will charge. You can work from anywhere in the world, your clients and customers can be located anywhere in the world once you have identified the common time for consultation calls. All you need is your laptop and network connectivity.

You do not have to ask permission to visit a relative who is hospitalized or to attend a family function. You can work as per your time of day (early mornings, late nights) and as long as you complete the promised work on schedule, all is well.

2. You are Creative

There are 10 Skills and 10 Arenas of Digital Marketing (as described in “Increase Your Profits and Time Freedom with Outsourcing”) and you can accept a new task in any Digital Market Arena and work on any of the 10 Digital Marketing Skill sets.

3. You are media rich

You can select the projects (Gigs) you will work on. You can even do a few initial Gigs for free or at low rates, get your hands-on experience, get testimonials, and then start charging higher rates. If you do not have a skill in some type of media, you can always delegate that portion of the Gig to another, observe how they work, and hone your own skills in that area.

If you were employed, you would be assigned only projects and tasks you are already good at. You may not get the freedom to choose the projects and work tasks you are passionate to experiment and learn.

4. You are platform independent

As a freelancer, you will get a chance to select the tools for your client. So, you get to use new tools as and when the project needs it, at no extra costs to you. If you have joined a community of Digital Marketing experts who use a shared platform like Gaurav Gurbaxani’s digitalmarket.com, you will have access to a plethora of tools. Great tools enhance the quality and reduce the time taken to complete the tasks at hand.

5. You build valuable digital assets

Each and every Gig that you complete results in a digital asset created by you. Testimonials from your clients is the greatest valuable asset that you must collect. Good testimonials result in greater self-esteem for you, more confidence and trust from the client to delegate and hand over bigger, more complex Gigs to you.

It is a good idea to create a few digital assets for your own self as you create content for others. Content you create can come in many shapes and sizes.


6. You are well rewarded

You do so many small jobs (Gigs) and often work on the same type of task. This enables you to optimize and maximize the quality and reduce the completion time. Naturally as an expert you now can demand higher fees for work well done.

7. You are your own competition

March top your own tune. Your expertise enables you to go inwards for satisfaction, joy and well-being. Comparing your digital creations of today with the ones you created a few years back gives you so much inner peace that enables you to dream bigger dreams, face your failures by reminding yourself of your many wins.

8. You are Over subscribed

As a Freelance Content Creator, you have created a huge portfolio of digital assets. Lots of information is available on the internet, what is missing is credible and valuable content like insights, stories, examples, demonstrations, and interesting facts. You can attract customers easily instead of chasing them down, as your work speaks for you. “A business that is ready to scale is one that has enough digital assets freely available online that anyone who wants to go on a content binge can easily do so.” ~ Daniel Priestley “Oversubscribed”.

9. You are Trusted, Respected and Valued – You Dazzle

Expertise is always rewarded. Be a continuous lifelong learner. Experiment. Test.

10. You Dance to your Own Music

Life becomes comfortable once the bare necessities are met for yourself and your family. You now own your own time. You take care of all 7 Areas of Serene Wellness as described in “Serene Wellness” Daily Practise in 7 Areas” by Healer Naseem Mariam.


Does the world of Content writing, Copy Writing and Content Creation resonate with your inner thoughts, feelings and intuition? What are you waiting for? Act and move gracefully, smoothly, dancing all the way to the bank.

Become a Freelance Content Creator. Ship Creative Work daily. Start today. Start Small.

Join Gaurav Gurbaxani’s digitalmarket.com community.

Come join the community today.

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