7 Ways to Master Success with Expert Freelancer Mindset

Freelancer Mindset is important for sustained success and helps fast transition from novice to expert freelancer. This article outlines 7 ways to master success with an expert Freelancer Mindset. Few traits are listed out in the acronym of M-I-N-D-S-E-T. Alignment of these traits, how to address Limiting Beliefs, 4 ways to Evaluate the current Mindset state of the Freelancer are given. Next, the support system and mindset practice can help improve the Freelancer Mindset. The article concludes by listing the 7 Serene Wellness Areas the Freelancer must address for a Well-rounded Personality.

Table of Contents

1. List of Traits in the Freelancer Mindset

     Details of Freelancer Mindset traits and How the Traits are actually inter dependent

2. Values, Skills, Practise–Alignment in the Freelancer Mindset

     Importance of Alignment in Thoughts, Words and Actions

3. How Sloppy Habits & Limiting Beliefs in Freelancer Mindset Delay Success

      Nested levels of plans, Money and Time Management, Prioritize Always

4. Evaluate whether you have the Freelancer Mindset for Success

    Find out Reality with help of Tools {Quiz, Questionnaire, Survey} like MBTI (how you see the world), DISC Profiling, Sally Hogshead’s Fascinate (how the world sees you), Clifton Strength Finder (4 Domains of Leadership)

5. Support system for the Freelancer Mindset

     Self, Johari Window, Help of {Mentor, His Community, Accountability Partner}, Family and Friends

6. Mindset Practise: How to Improve Freelancer Mindset

     Awareness & Acceptance of Reality–Understand what it looks like in Thoughts Words and Actions (TWA)–Practise in TWA–Form Habits 21, 99 days
     Other techniques are Journaling, Meditation, Exercise & Yoga, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) exercises to change your state, and Diet changes

 7. To Thine Self be True: Serene Wellness 7 Areas for Freelancer Mindset

8. Summary

9. Recommended Reading


A successful Freelancer Mindset will have traits of an entrepreneur, an agency owner, a small business owner, an independent self-employed professional. He must devise strategies for reaching out to his ideal high-value clients, learn to work with them rather than for them, He must evolve effective methods for structuring the workday so that his career journey takes him to his short-term and long-term goals. Sometimes, the Freelancer will benefit from outsourcing few tasks to a Virtual Assistant so that he can focus on the creative and strategy part of the project. The Freelancer must have the self-confidence and confidence to raise his rates while holding onto his loyal clients. Recognize the difference between high paying clients (very demanding, nit-pick and micro manage you, keep changing requirements, 3Cs attitude of complain, criticize, confront) and high value clients (easy to work with, you are part if the team, give clear instructions, good testimonials and many referrals).

The difference between struggle and thriving lies between the Freelancers 2 ears: in the Freelancer Mindset. The Freelancer must master his mindset and run his freelancing Gigs like the CEO of a company.     He must have an attitude of a continuous learner, his competition is only with himself: Freelancer Mindset must be tuned to appreciate, use appropriate tools and systems, work for and achieve good 5-star ratings of his clients. With a desire to give his client the best results, the Freelancer Mindset must be open to Mastermind workspaces, outsourcing to an expert few modules of his Gig.

Above all, know your “why”. “No matter your financial goal, the end result is the same: owning and operating a fulfilling, service-based business that meets or exceeds client expectations and allows you to live the life you want” ~ Laura Briggs, in her book “The six-figure freelancer”

List of Traits in the Freelancer Mindset

M–Multimedia, Multi skilled, Mastermind, Millionaire

I – Intuitive, Integrity, Influencer

N – No-nonsense patience, Nay-sayer, Ninja

D – Due Diligence, Daily Learning, Focus, Doer

S – Service, Spiritual self-assured, Socializer

E–Enthusiastic Experimenter, Energetic Exerciser, Entrepreneur

T–Tough, Tenacity, Trust, Outsource, Trainer

Values, Skills, Practise–Alignment in the Freelancer Mindset

 The importance of Alignment in Thoughts, Words, and Actions has to be considered. Thoughts become things. Avoid speaking of your Freelance career as a ‘hustle’, ‘part-time’ money-making enterprise. Treat it with the respectful words of business, customer service, delight customers.


‘Why’ is your core values that guide your decisions like the North Star guided sailors on the high seas. Integrity is the most fundamental, and it helps a Freelancer avoid the mistakes that disappoint clients: missed deadlines, lack of communication, surprising the client with extra unauthorized billed items, Service, Due Diligence, and Nay-sayer traits in the Freelancer Mindset will help build trust.

As a Freelancer, you must select those Gigs which you wish to work on. Digital Marketing has 10 Skills and 10 Arenas in which we can apply these 10 Skills. Sometimes the client may assign tasks that are outside of your experience and expertise or try to do every subtask by yourself. This is where your own Mastermind team and your thinking as an Entrepreneur helps. Instead of doing 5 tasks sequentially, you will identify other freelancers who have the expertise (Multi-media and Multi-skills), create a common workspace, and outsource a few tasks to your project team. By working in parallel, naturally, the team will accomplish better quality in a shorter time-frame in order to surprise and delight the client.

To embrace a Skill and become an expert, you need learning balanced with Practise. To err on the side of Practise, Practise and more Practise is a good policy. Hence you find Daily Learning is balanced with Doer and Enthusiastic Experimentation in the expansion of M-I-N-D-S-E-T.

As a person, you must continuously strive to align your thoughts, Words, and Actions. Before being an Expert Freelancer, it is imperative that you be a good Human Being first. An attitude of Service, grounded in Spirituality and good core values, helps in Reliable Trustworthy Interactions with clients, fellow team members, and the end customer. A Freelancer Mindset with Entrepreneur Thoughts and Words leads to good Communications and excellent Socialization and Impactful Influence.

How Sloppy Habits & Limiting Beliefs in Freelancer Mindset Delay Success

We can achieve nothing great consistently unless we visualize it. “You will see it when you believe it” ~ Wayne Dyer. Your planning must have 6 levels of nesting. Plan your work and work your plan. Be Tough with yourself and your Time, Self-assured and No-nonsense Disciplined Doer: select your clients with care; Keep your Promises with Integrity; Be Patient for those projects that are meant for you. On average, you must submit 10 proposals before 1 is accepted. So, to get more work, send out more project proposals. “Before a battle, planning is everything. Once the fighting has begun, it’s worthless.” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower


Money and Time Management: As a Freelancer, you must learn to be a Nay-sayer. Say ‘No’ to work items and time wasters. Prioritize Always. Put your blinkers on. Focus on your Most Important Task (MIT) of the day till we complete it. Then take some rest. You must schedule these rest times and also when you will stop working for the day and for the week. Keep one day every week for THINKING, devising your next strategy and growth directions.

In the realm of Money, the Freelancer may have Limiting Beliefs, carried forward since childhood. These phrases, events, and emotionally attached scenes play out within the subconscious and often in our Thoughts and Words, thus contaminating our Actions. Here the Freelancer Mindset will remain alert and catch such thoughts as soon as they flit through the mind. You can use the Mindset Practise of Journaling to examine such Limiting Beliefs, record the positive Truth, and set the old Limiting Belief free to drift far, far away. Learn and Practise the mundane Skill of keeping an expense sheet and balancing it. Spend some time with Google Analytics and Metrics of your Freelance business. Ensure that you break even or make a profit. Then apportion your profits into the 6 buckets of Taxes, Charity, Emergency fund, Known Expenses Fund, Savings, Investments, and Monthly expenses for your family.

Evaluate whether you have the Freelancer Mindset for Success

 Find out Reality with help of Tools {Quiz, Questionnaire, Survey} like MBTI (how you see the world), DISC Profiling, Sally Hogshead’s Fascinate (how the world sees you), Clifton Strength Finder (4 Domains of Leadership)

There are 4 great Tools to understand what Mindset we currently have: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator gives us an idea of how we think and act and how we interact with the world. DISC Profiling Dominance-Influence-Steadiness-Compliance Profile is a 4×4 Matrix of Personality Type Reserved/Outspoken vs. People/Task-Oriented. Sally Hogshead’s Fascinate gives us an inkling of how the world perceives us. This is like the Blindside of ourselves, which we are often not aware of. Then we have Clifton’s Strengths which highlights to us those character traits which are our in-born Strengths. Taking these 3 questionnaires and knowing this information about our Being is invaluable. We can then plan a strategy to fill in the gaps in attributes required for Success in our Freelancer Entrepreneurship. We have 2 options: practise and re-skill yourself, identify someone who will join our team and complement us and fill these gaps.


Support System for the Freelancer Mindset

 Self, Johari Window, Help of {Mentor, His Community, Accountability Partner}, Family and Friends

The best person to help you improve your Freelancer Mindset is you. The soul knows how to heal itself; The challenge is to silence the mind. When your mind fills up with negativity, be aware and acknowledge the turmoil. Gently give the mind something positive to focus on. Slowly, the negative thoughts will disappear when ignored. What you feed grows. During meditation too, just bring back your mind to the present, Avoid the analysis paralysis and excess study trap. Practice as you learn, experiment always. Repeat the practice till it comes naturally to you.
As per the Johari window, there are pockets of information about ourselves that we do not know, but others know about us. We need Mastermind teams, a Mentor, and/or an accountability partner to help improve our Freelancer Mindset. Family and friends can also help us and become our biggest support,.


Mindset Practise to Improve the Freelancer Mindset

Awareness & Acceptance of Reality–Understand what it looks like in Thoughts Words and Actions (TWA)–Practise in TWA–Form Habits 21, 99 days.

Laura Briggs says: “Everyone’s journey to a better mindset will be different. Regularly looking for and identifying those baked-in subconscious thoughts that might be blocking you from growing your company will unlock new levels of happiness, awareness and prosperity.” Don’t belittle yourself or give up when you find yourself neglecting your Mindset Practise. Just be thankful for your awakened awareness and start once more. Success lies in getting up one or time.


Here are a few exercises that help improve the Freelancer Mindset:

Journal: watch your thoughts, acknowledge them, record them, write out the positive version of your Thoughts; replace the current thoughts with new ones,
Meditation: Guided, binaural vibrations, soothing music, sitting in silence, Mantra chanting, watch your breath, walking meditation;
Exercise, Yoga: Divert your mind away from negative thoughts towards physical exercise, allow blood and oxygen to surge into the brains and back head
3 NLP ‘change your state’ techniques: In NLP, a state is how we are’: our emotions, what’s in our mind (thoughts, stories, images, sounds, sensations), our body, and what we are doing with it. It’s the mood, it’s ‘frame of mind’, it’s posture, it’s a whole range of variables that make us not just ‘how’ we are but perhaps ‘who’ we are at a particular time. Be aware of your current state. Shift your body into a positive, cheerful state and your mood will follow. Snap out of it. Literally. If you feel depressed, subconsciously your shoulders will droop, corners of your mouth will go down.
With mindfulness practice, you will become sensitive and aware. Just snap your fingers and sit up straight with a cheery smile. Lo-and-behold, all gloomy thoughts will vanish. Another technique is the Circle of Excellence. The exercise is about recalling past times when you were in a good place’: competent and enjoying that competence. What was your state like then, or your posture? What were you telling yourself? What did you hear, feel, see, touch, smell? Because a state is a collection of associated things, recalling some will bring others with them. We can then use the NLP technique of anchoring to give ourselves a button to press whenever we want to summon this ‘me at my best state.
Diet changes: Take detox drinks. One bowl of boiled or raw vegetables. One bowl of fruits. Ensure that all 5 colors exist in your daily diet. Take a balanced diet as per World Health Organizations Recommended Daily Allowance. Add variety to your diet. Add Nuts and dried fruits too. Omega-3 Oils are mandatory. So are Vitamin C, Zinc, Magnesium, D3 for enhancing Immunity. Visit an excellent practitioner of Natural, Alternative Therapies and learn preventive techniques, exercises and massages for specific health issues you have or to prevent those that you may have a tendency to experience.

To Thine Self Be True: Serene Wellness 7 Areas for Freelancer Mindset

Freelancer-Mindset-Serene Wellness-7-Areas

As a Human Being, the Freelancer has to exercise his Freelancer Mindset in each of the 7 Areas shown in above picture. Only then he will be able to discover Joy, Satisfaction, Peace, Holistic Health and Serene Wellness in his life.


The Freelancer Mindset is multifaceted. Many attributes, traits and characteristics can be expected to be part and parcel of the Freelancer Mindset. The critical few are listed here, 4 ways to evaluate the current state of mindset. The Support system and Practises that can be used to improve the Freelancer Mindset is given here. Though the article mentions Freelancer Mindset, the concept, techniques and tips will hold for anyone’s Mindset.

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